Types of Hot Coffee that are Good in the Summertime

First and foremost, drinking hot coffee in the summertime is not for everyone. It is only for sane people who actually enjoy coffee without the watered down flavor. Okay, iced coffee drinkers are not insane. Moving on, the taste of hot coffee seems to be somehow better than cold coffee drinks. Maybe it is just a personal preference for some coffee lovers to stick with hot, instead of trading off for cold, when those temperatures outside start to rise. If you are on the fence and unsure what kind of coffee would possibly taste good hot, in the summer. then read on for some suggestions.

Light blends

During the summertime, you might want to forgo the heavier, bold blends of coffee and opt for something lighter like a breakfast blend. Lighter blend coffees have a mild flavor and wonderful aroma when brewing. Many people enjoy lighter everything during the heat of the summer: foods, drinks and clothing (few people wear thick sweaters during the summer). So, it only makes sense to drink a lighter brew too! The nice thing about milder coffees is that you will not have an sort of acidic after taste. 

Fruity flavors

Summertime is not complete without all of those delicious fruits: strawberries, kiwis, blueberries and raspberries just to name some. Pour some fruity goodness into your morning mug with specialty fruit flavored coffee blends. These blends have just the right amount of fruit flavor to pop but not so much that you feel like you are drinking a cup of syrup. The best part is these coffees are great plain or dressed up with a bit of cream or milk. 

Tropical blends

Nothing says summer quite like coconut or passion fruit. You can find ground coffees in these and other wonderful flavors. The tropical flavors can give you the feeling of a mini vacation right in your own kitchen. Brew a cup/pot and let the aroma carry you away to a warm and breezy island paradise. No, by the way, these statements are not insane. Sometimes people have to create their own paradise when they do not have the time or money to visit the real ones. Take your mug of fresh coffee and sit outside in the cool morning air and let your imagination run for just a few minutes of quiet bliss. 

Flavored additions

This is one way to add some summer fun to your hot coffee. It doesn’t take much to change the taste to something light and delicious. Even if you are not a cream and sugar person, you might try it out for the hot summer months. Think of it as something new and special just like the summer season each year. This may sound nasty to some people, but you might try adding a peppermint candy to your hot coffee. The peppermint will slowly dissolve and leave your coffee with a cool, fresh taste that is nice on a summer morning. 

Some coffee drinkers prefer to keep their coffee hot in every season. One of the biggest complaints about iced coffee drinks is that the coffee gets watered down by the ice. Another complaint is that the rich aroma is missing from cold coffee drinks. The truth is, coffee is not coffee, without that wonderful fresh brewed aroma. There is nothing wrong with cold coffee drinks, if that is what you like. As for some coffee aficionados, when summer rolls around, they will crank up the AC and drink their nice hot coffee!