How come when i try to send a message on facebook, it doesnt work?

There can be a couple of different reasons why your message is not being sent of face book. You could have the send to box blank. Sometimes the server has problems and you may need to start the message again another time.

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How Can You Tell If Something Is Wrong with You Aussie Lab Mix?

There are several ways in which you can tell if something is wrong with your Aussie lab mix dog if you pay attention to the way your dog is behaving. If your dog is acting out of character than it is a good idea to take it to the vet for a check up.

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How Do Antianxiety Drugs Work?

The antianxiety drugs include; Benzodiazapenes,Serotonin and Barbituates. Drugs like Benzodiazapenes works in a way that it depresses the central nervous system by acting on the receptors of the neurotransmitter GABA. The benzodiazapene binds to the receptor, causing it to have a higher affinity for GABA, which acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This causes depression of the central nervous system, which is often working in those with anxiety disorders.

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How Can I Stop Hair From Growing On My Upper Lip?

You can remove hair by laser treatment. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser — an intense, pulsating beam of light — to remove unwanted hair. During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth.

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How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Sick?

Your cat may begin to vomit or have diarrhea if she is sick. Also, you may notice a change in the energy of your cat. If he or she is meowing more often or their eyes look different, you may have some need for medical attention.

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Tips for Cooking Eggs

It’s not at all unusual for cake and dessert recipes to call for egg yolks. Any kind of custard is a liaison of several yolks, sugar and milk. Which leaves the whites. What are we supposed to do with them?

Well, start off by realizing that they are still a valuable food source, and do not lose any of their properties just because the yolks have been removed. In other words, you can treat them pretty much as you would the whole egg and even cook them in the same way.

For example, an omelet does not have to be yellow. Lightly beat the whites, season with salt and pepper, and cook just as you would any other omelet. The result will be light and fluffy, as well as fat and cholesterol free.

The omelet doesn’t have to be savory, either. Replace the seasoning with caster (superfine) sugar, fold in some fresh or stewed fruit and you have a practically instant dessert.

You can take the dessert idea one step further by making meringues. Add 50g (2oz) of caster sugar for each egg white, a tsp of lemon juice and whisk the sugar into the whites, a little at a time, until the mixture forms soft peaks. Spoon dollops of this mix onto a greaseproof paper lined baking tray and bake in a cool oven (140C) for about 1 hour. Then turn the oven off and leave the meringues inside to dry out completely.

Use to decorate fruit compotes or slices of tart.

You can even take the meringue idea to its logical conclusion by making that icon of Aussie desserts, the Pavlova.

You achieve the Pavlova mix by whisking egg whites and sugar as above, but adding in 1 teaspoon of cornflour (cornstarch) for each egg white, plus 1 tsp in total of white vinegar or lemon juice. This helps to keep the meringue white during its prolonged cooking.

Draw a 20 cm circle on baking parchment, pile the meringue mixture in that and bake for two hours at 110C/225F for 2 hours. Leave to cool in the oven as before.

Once the meringue is cool, spread it with whipped cream and arrange fresh sliced strawberries on top. Drizzle over this the pulp of 3 or 4 passion fruit and serve at once.

And if all of that seems like too much trouble to go to, try frying your egg whites just as they are, allow them to cool, cut them into strips and add them to your favorite salad or stir-fry.

Product Reviews Flavor Wave Turbo Oven

Preparing healthy, appealing meals in little time has never been easier than it is with the Flavor Wave Turbo Oven. Many people have likely seen the infomercials for this product on television, however those aren’t enough to convince most that it actually works. Infomercial products generally have a bad rep when it comes to living up to what they are supposed to do so it’s no surprise that many people are skeptical of them. The Flavor Wave Turbo Oven is a great product though that performs in reality just as it is shown to perform on television.

The best thing about the Flavor Wave is that it can be used to cook and bake such a wide variety of foods.  You can cook anything from chicken or ribs to vegetables to cinnamon rolls in it.  Everything turns out how it should and is done in a shorter amount of time than it would take in a conventional oven. Beyond that, food is tasty, juicy, and cooked evenly, all food, all of the time. It does not seem that food cooked in a counter-top oven that utilizes convection cooking, infrared waves, and halogen heat would be that good, but it is. Furthermore, it is easy for anyone to use and can turn even the worst cooks into brilliant chefs in the eyes of those eating the food.

Cleaning up after cooking is one thing about preparing meals that many people do not look at all forward to. One great thing about the Flavor Wave is that cleaning it is easy. After adding a little water and dish detergent to the oven, just set it to self clean or put in the dishwasher according to package instructions.  That is it; there’s no labor involved. There are few other if any kitchen appliances that are so easy to clean. 

The cost of the Flavor Wave may seem a bit high to some, but when you consider that so many different foods can be cooked and baked in it, the cost is actually low.  The cost equals or is just above the cost of a quality microwave and a great deal lower than the cost of a conventional oven.  Flavor Waves are durable products that last a long time. When you put this together with everything else, the Flavor Wave Turbo Oven is one of the most versatile and cost-effective kitchen appliances available today.